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The tools

I’m a frequent lurker and sometime poster on the forums.  If there’s one thing that makes itself apparent on visiting, it’s that we love our gear.  I’m no exception.  So, for any bassist that happens by, here’s the goodies that reside in my earthly home.


1989 (?) Fender Jazz Bass Special, teal color (not sure of official color name), stock bridge and tuners, Seymour Duncan pickups, light gauge DR Black Beauties, named ‘Jade’

1992 (?) Fender Precision Bass (MIM), Lake Placid Blue, all stock except pickguard and knobs, light gauge DR Sunbeams, named ‘Chip’

2005 (?) Squier Affinity Series P-Bass, Candy Apple Red, all stock, medium gauge Elites flatwounds, named ‘Cherry’

On my wish list–Sadowsky NYC Standard 5, custom spec (will be named ‘Marisol’); Pedulla Pentabuzz, custom spec (will be named ‘Betty’); Upton double bass; perhaps 1 or 2 other basses (thinking one acoustic/electric and one vintage piece)


SWR Workingman’s 15

Ampeg BA-108

Cafe Walter headphone amp

Wish list: Mesa Boogie head (thinking something in Carbine series) and undecided cabs (either Mesa or Ampeg, 2 4 x 10 or similar); SWR California Blonde for double bass


Various accessories in the house as well.   Cases, cables, tuner, metronome…the standard stuff.  Wanting a Zoom B3 to play with.


Music is not a cheap hobby.  LOL.


EDIT 9/20/14–Got the Zoom B3 this summer.  Way too much fun.  Glad I bought it.






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