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Beside the still waters

on January 22, 2016

Wow.  It’s been forever since I’ve posted.  Been faithfully reading posts from those I follow…some great thoughts out there, particularly from kiffblog.  I haven’t had any amazing spiritual revelations such as those, but I can share some good things God is doing.


Traveled to Germany with some good friends in late October/early November.  It was an amazing experience.  Getting in touch with my ancestral roots and realizing how German I still am was pretty cool.  But what was even more fulfilling was noting how God has changed my heart when it comes to things I focus on.  The impetus for the trip was seeing some shows on Simply Red’s 30th Anniversary Tour.  I’ve followed the band for 29 of those 30 years.  For many of those years, it was an obsession.  Spent thousands of dollars/pounds on collectibles and music.  Wrote penpals clear across the globe.  Was a very active participant in the fan club and the online forums when they each still existed.  Been around this band and the fans enough to be on first-name basis with a lot of them.

But this trip…I can honestly say will be my last.  The concerts were great.  Did get to chat with some of the band before one of them.  But the whole thing just does not hold any sort of allure for me anymore.  I don’t have that burning desire to be up into it all.  I enjoyed the experiences, yes, but I wasn’t craving and yearning for them, and I didn’t experience a “crash” after the trip was over.  It’s all finally in its proper perspective.  I can see now that my involvement with this band was trying to fill the “God-hole”, and now that God Himself is in that place, there’s no room for this.

God did use it for good though; I’ve met some wonderful people because of this band (including the musicians themselves), and where common ground outside the project was found, the relationships have continued and grown over the years.  They will continue to do so.  I am thankful.


After several years of (impatient) waiting, have taken possession of a custom bass.  She’s named after a dearly departed sister in Christ who gave an absolute masterclass in heartfelt worship during her last months on this planet.  I have been having an absolute blast playing this bass in worship.  I know my sister is smiling down from heaven.  Maybe God’s enjoying the extra rumble, too.  🙂


Rediscovering this thing called “discipline”…sort of.  I have stoutly resolved to knock out the list of unfinished projects mentioned in an earlier post.  Since the beginning of the year, I have made visible progress on this list.  I’m just taking things a bit at a time, a day at a time…as long as I just keep moving forward.  Some days (like today!), I’m not as productive as I’d like, but God’s mercies are new every morning, and I’ve gotten better at just getting up the next day and doing what I can, instead of getting discouraged and dropping the ball yet again.  I know it is God at work in me that is enabling me to stay on track.  All glory and honor to Him.


Been taking on a more active role on the church Music Team.  Doing admin-type stuff.  Singing lead every now and again (gasp!).  I guess, being groomed into a co-leader kind of thing.  It’s been quite humbling.  I can see why I was not able to do more in my earlier days on the team…God can’t use a hothead very well.  I would have done more harm than good if allowed more “say” back then.  I have a better appreciation for just how challenging it is to be in a leadership role…and am far more willing to let God do what He wants, when He wants.  Am just letting this evolve as it’s meant to and not trying to push an agenda.


I guess that goes for life in general.  God has enabled me to become far better at just rolling with things.  I do still get frustrated with some things sometimes, but am able to check it down a lot quicker and keep moving forward.  Still a lot of growth to do but I can see His hand’s work so far.  I am so thankful.

Lord, you are amazing.  You deserve everything we can give and far more besides.  Let our lives be a sweet smelling sacrifice to You.


2 responses to “Beside the still waters

  1. andykiff says:

    Good to see you back! I’ve only just started blogging again after a rest as well. Keep letting God work on You and see where He can take You!

    • shanfield94 says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words and sorry for my late reply! I’ve been absolutely loving your blogs of late, so much wisdom within. Your hunger for Him is very evident and the work He’s done in you already shines through. We miss ya over at TalkBass (the P & W thread has exploded with growth!), but these blogs are evidence you’re still very much “plugged in” to service. 😉 Hope your worship team service is still going well!

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