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Motive check

on January 27, 2014

Sign of good teaching at your church: when you walk away from Sunday seeing an area you need to step up in.

This week’s theme: ‘Purposed for Ministry’.

I’ve been part of the Worship Team for 2 years now.  This, by all accounts, would likely be considered my primary area of ministry/service.

The primary thrust behind the message seemed to be to encourage everyone to get involved in ministry of some type…lots of verbage indicating action.  No problem, I’ve got that covered.  In addition to the weekly service, I’ll jump in on various other things as needed.

But the secondary thrust behind the message, and perhaps the more important one, was: for our service to be fruitful in bringing our brothers and sisters, and others, to Christ-likeness.  To encourage and edify others to step up their game, if you will.

One of the reflection questions aimed at this specifically:

“What are some specific ministries or actions that you are currently engaged in that are helping others think, behave, and relate to others more like Jesus?”


If I’m having that kind of impact, I sure don’t know it.  My gut tells me I’m not.

I do get comments all the time on my playing.  More than a few in the congregation find me entertaining.  (I tend to be quite squirrelly when I play and pull all manner of “bass-face”.)

A few of the little girls in the congregation have been inspired to take up instruments of their own after watching me play.

All that is well and good…nice ego strokes and all…

…but that’s not what I’m up there for.

I’m part of a team that is supposed to engage the congregation in worshipping God.  And, per this week’s message, encourage others toward Christ-likeness.

I’m not convinced either thing is happening.  So what to do about it?

One thing that might help is getting my head straight.  I’ve not been in complete “worship mode” on Sundays for a while now.  Been practicing just enough to not lay sonic eggs, but not enough to concentrate on worship.  Been concentrating too much on sounding decent so as not to be a distraction.   My focus needs to be on Him and Him alone; if I’m looking in the right direction, it will draw others along for the ride….right?

Will start there and see what happens.  Increase woodshedding and season with lots of prayer.  Hopefully that will have a more fruitful impact than I’m currently having.


One response to “Motive check

  1. Steven Chapman says:

    If your bass play is instrumental in helping people worship authentically, you are aiding them in the journey toward Christlikeness.

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