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Best protection anywhere.

on January 26, 2014

I’ve written before about “little things” to appreciate, had such a moment again Friday night.

Wandering about the retail district of South Cicero in driving snow and wind…gosh durn it, my tuner pedal was ready for pickup at Guitar Center and I wanted to make sure I had it for Sunday.  Picked that up and a cable, wandered through a few stores trying to find winter boots (epic fail), went to the bus stop to head home.

Was faced with a decision when I got there–run to catch the 54B South Cicero bus sitting there to connect with the 47?  Or wait for another 79 (I’d just missed one)  and connect with the 4, taking my chances?

Weighed the consequences in my head in about a nanosecond…then just said, “God, what do you want?”

“Wait for the 79.”

So I did.  And was rewarded for obedience.

Praise 1: The bus shelter at the mall is pretty well constructed and blocked out that wind.

Praise 2: I didn’t actually have to wait long for the next bus.  Maybe 5 minutes?

Praise 3: There was a 4 waiting at my transfer intersection–and the driver stayed put even though she had the light and could have taken off.  So I successfully transferred with no wait.  This one was huge, because of the weather, and also because of the time of day–after dark in a really sketchy neighborhood.  I loudly praised Jesus the second I sat down.

Praise 3 1/2: No “ig’nint” people on the buses.  Unusual for those routes and that time of day.  Usually got at least one clown trying to ruin everyone’s day.

Praise 4: Despite weather causing greasy roads, safe travel all the way home.  And had some long-awaited mail waiting for me when I got there.  Cherry on top!!

I often crack that my guardian angels wear Kevlar.  That trip, in that weather, at that time of day, was just disaster waiting to happen.  But I had total peace about it.  That’s the route He told me to take, and He made sure my path was cleared.  If I’d gone the other route, who knows.   Would have likely been, at minimum, a 1/2 hour wait at an unsheltered stop for the transfer…in a not-much-better neighborhood.

God protected me.  Again.  So I obviously still have chores to do.  🙂  May I be ever mindful of what He’s put me here to do and do that with all my heart.  To Him be the glory.

(oh, and that tuner pedal?  Gonna get a workout later on as I’ll be drop tuning again–but not for all songs!!  So it was worth the trip)




2 responses to “Best protection anywhere.

  1. Stacee says:

    Your travel adventures send my blood pressure through the roof! So thankful you are a praying person. 🙂

  2. shanfield94 says:

    Maybe you should hang out up here for a few days to get mellowed out. 😉 I’m thankful for God’s protection…He hasn’t put me anywhere He hasn’t been able to keep me. He truly is a shelter.

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