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on December 8, 2013

Still livin’.  Just on radio silence due to more than a few things on the plate.

More confirmation that this is a year where God’s challenging me to mature.  Currently dealing with–

–the pride issue, in more depth.  This list was mentioned in a Joyce Meyer teaching; scorched me to the core.  Guilty on almost all counts, in some phase of my life or other.

–the mouth issue.  Basic instructions: speak only when spoken to, except when prompted by the Spirit. (which has impacted how much I share on here!)  Following that, cut out the complaining.  Period.

–stewardship issues.  Finances, talents, care of material provision, care of physical body, etc.  Stuff I’ve been getting dealt with about for some time, just being taken into a higher level of obedience.

–upcoming challenge at work.  Being transferred back to a department I was taken out of 2 years ago, because the experiment to place me with the ‘proper’ people had failed quite miserably.  They were unhappy, I was unhappy, getting moved back to where I’d been taken from alleviated a lot of issues.  But apparently they (management) want to try this ‘experiment’ again.  This news, after recently receiving a rejection regarding application for a different position within the company.  Israelites backtracking in the wilderness.  Jonah getting marching orders to Nineveh again, after time in a fish belly.  Only thing I can conclude is that there was something I didn’t learn, or some obedience I didn’t get around to, the first time around this mountain.  Flesh, mind, will are all screaming NOOOOOOOOO….but I’m determined to press on and do what I gotta do.  God will have His way in this situation.  What this will all lead to, I don’t know.  And I have to be OK with not knowing.  The true essence of faith…not knowing, and trusting anyway.

Growing pains.  That’s about where I’m at spiritually.  But I’m gonna keep on tryin’ til I reach the highest ground.  (hat tip to Stevie Wonder!)

Musically, been slacking.  But recently read an article published by a co-worker that gave me a boost…will seek to explore my true voice and then work up to expressing it.

(cracks me up how many people I work with are involved in the arts on their “off time”)

Despite the challenges, thankful for the life I have and determined to make the most of it.  Want to leave this place better than I found it.  Main challenge in the coming months is to make that happen, not just talk about it.  The rubber needs to meet the road.


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