Black Sheep Bass-ic Training

Doing The Christian Walk With A Funky Strut

Staff meeting

on November 10, 2013

Wandered off into the thornbushes again lately.  So the Good Shepherd has had to yank me back with the staff.

Not enough time in the Word.

Not enough time on bass.

Lack of discipline in finances and eating.

Highly distractable in prayer time.

Mood bleh.

Sleep/wake cycle a hot mess.

Energy levels a rollercoaster.

It’s fall in the Upper Midwest, and I’m dealing with the usual Seasonal Affective Disorder.  But I’ve got to find a way to deal with it that’s more Godly…hard to be a proper witness when one is unstable as the wind.  Some teaching I’ve been listening to on the Faithfulness fruit of the Spirit has been somewhat helpful…it’s having a hard time sinking in though, ’cause it’s fighting through a lot of the muck above.  But I do get that I have to develop that fruit further, and this is a great testing time for it…keeping on doing what’s right even when one isn’t seeing results, or just plain doesn’t feel like it.

Or, hey, maybe that’s the whole point of this…developing that fruit further might be His “project” for me at the moment.  I have noticed that this walk we do is done in stages and spurts…He’ll shine some light on one thing, we’ll get tested on it for a while, the flesh will get fried in that level of that thing, then He’ll move on to something else for a while once we’ve “passed” the test.  And so on it goes.  Some things we keep coming back to, to get further testing and “surgery”, each time it gets a little more intense.

Life with God–never a dull moment!!!!

One small victory to celebrate…we had a very delayed accounting close at work this month…and I did NOT spaz out about it.  Just did what I had to do.  Kept my temper and anxiety in check.  Praise be to God.  He’s done a lot of refining work on me in this area and I’m thankful.

Hoping to regain some ground on everything else this week, despite disruption of routine with a few things.

And hoping to shake this sudden brain blank…too early to crash for the night and I’ve got stuff to do, dag-nabbit.  😛


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