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Ridiculous abundance

on October 12, 2013

OK.  This is a heads-up to my regular readers.  You have full authority to slap me, HARD, upside the head, if you catch me buying any other Christian books/material or bass instructional material for at least the next year.  Here is the pile I currently have to go through.


The Christian stuff.  Various books on discipleship in different areas, and several Bible translations to read through.  Note!  This pile does NOT include 2 Joyce Meyer Action Plans, the book that goes with one of them, 3 more Bibles, and 2 more discipleship books.  Those are in progress and hanging out elsewhere in the house.  At my current non-disciplined pace, all this material should last me 2 years minimum.  😦  Hoping to move this along.  Time spent reading these things is time not being wasted on less fruitful pursuits.  Heck, it might even improve me as a person.  LOL.

The bass stuff.  Within that pile is 28 Bass Player back issues with an average of 3 instructional articles per issue (technique, theory, transcriptions, rhythm studies, etc).  Also included are various instructional books that cover the same type of topics.  Lack of discipline has kept this stuff in mothballs.  It’s time to dig it out and dig in.  I don’t even want to know how long this stash will last me, given that my practice time includes a great deal of Worship Team rehearsal and scale work.  But I will make a point to incorporate more of this material.  It’s sitting here.  I need to use it.  YouTube, schmoo-tube.  Got plenty of videos bookmarked too, but will save those for when I’ve torched some of this.

I have been abundantly blessed.  I need to act like it and use what I have.  My Christian walk and my music are the two areas that need the most of my time.  I have plenty of ways to utilize that time.    Here’s the proof.  If I’m not acting like a more civil human, or spanking plank with more gusto and flair by the end of the year, I need a severe chastising.

Any volunteers?  *laughs*

On that note, off to go disturb the neighbors.  I do appreciate the bark my lil’ baby Ampeg combo puts out.  😀


3 responses to “Ridiculous abundance

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  2. Stacee says:

    From the looks of that stack, I don’t think I’ll be loaning any of my reads to you for a while either. You’ve got your work cut out for you.

    • shanfield94 says:

      I do indeed. Keep a running list of recommended reads for me, and I’ll start on that when I get through with these. Knew I could count on you to keep me honest. 🙂 I will be updating the book list on here as I finish stuff, so it’ll be easy to track my progress.

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