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Sweetly broken

on September 30, 2013

Beginning to truly appreciate and be thankful for trial in my life.  This year’s been full of “growing pains” as a Christian.  I’m definitely out of the “baby” stage now and the bar’s been raised accordingly.  I can see where God’s digging to the root of certain thought patterns and behaviors–and while it’s uncomfortable, I see the wisdom at work, the fruit that results, and the bondage I am getting released from.  I’m learning to get “It’s unfair” out of my vocabulary.   He has great plans for me, and I need the depth of character to stay in Him when He takes me to the next level.  The trials this year have been exposing character issues left and right, and different levels of them.  I’m thankful for the revelation and the cleansing.  And I’m thankful He’s not done.   Through the tears, the anger, the frustration, I will come out better than I was, and He’ll have shown Himself faithful by taking me through it.

No one ever promised the Christian life would be an easy one.  But I’ve found it to be the richest, most fulfilling one.

Your will be done, Father.


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