Black Sheep Bass-ic Training

Doing The Christian Walk With A Funky Strut

Bye, comfort zone.

on September 19, 2013

So.  Earlier posts addressed my fixation on a 5-string bass and how I wasn’t allowed to peep up about it anymore.  New mantra is “Do More With 4”, right?


Went through this week’s setlist this evening.  Knew we were doing ‘In The Sanctuary’ with an additional key modulation to usual, didn’t think too much about it…

…until I actually looked at the chord chart, and it confirmed what I kind of expected.  To play the usual hook in the new key, would mean drop tuning, since I don’t have that B string.  I don’t have a Hipshot on any of my basses.  I’ve done manual drop tune in church before, but it’s been on a week where everything was kind of laid back arrangement wise, and I could just leave it in that tuning and transpose accordingly, the fingers didn’t have to be in a hurry.

I don’t have that luxury this week.  At least not to my feeble mind.

So, if I can’t drop…gotta bump.  Up an octave.  And this is where my comfort level gets tested.

I typically hang out in the ‘money frets’ ‘cuz I like to bring the thunder.  I don’t get up the neck much.  To jump an octave and still have some beef to the tone, gotta go waaaayyy up the neck.

12th fret and beyond!!!!  EEEEEK!!!


But it actually worked out OK.  Turns out it’s easier to play that hook up in that space, once I get used to what’s where.  Hopefully my different register to usual will sit in the mix alright with the band on Sunday.  If not…ummmmm….*grimacing smile*

Funny how this involvement with Worship Team is prodding me to higher skill levels without trying.  🙂



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