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Burning wool

on September 12, 2013

Just when I think it can’t get any hotter in the furnace…some more fuel gets thrown in.  This week, they threw in a truckload.

I get it.  This whole year is shaping up to be a “refining season”.  Patience is built under trial.  I’m finding new, higher levels of tolerance.

Praising Him through pain is very effective spiritual warfare.  It enabled me, today, to hang on by the remaining frayed thread of energy and joy I had left.  Recent circumstances have worn me completely out mentally and emotionally, which is affecting me physically and spiritually.  Had a particular event happen today that zapped me of any remaining reserve.  But I didn’t break down this time.

I dropped everything in the middle of my workday and just prayed.

Pleaded for strength…then praised Him for everything I could think of.  Then released the situation completely to His hands, trusting Him to exact justice.  Then forgave the person.  Then praised God some more.

The effect was amazing.  It felt like something out of an action flick…where the hero is dangling off some precipice over a yawning chasm and some nasty uber-monster is standing above, belching fire down…the hero’s fingers are losing their grip on the edge…

…then the camera focuses on the hero’s face…the steel determination in the eyes…

…the determination that says, “I don’t care WHAT you do to me, I’M NOT GOING DOWN!!!”

Exhausted, outmatched, beaten, bloody…but every fiber of the being still fighting and refusing to quit.

Think the Spirit in me got ignited with a bit of that furnace fuel.  I’ve dug in my heels and found a deeper level of faith to stand on.

God’s got this.


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