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on September 6, 2013

I am one confused sheep right now.

Got word a couple hours ago of my grandfather passing away.

And I feel…nothing.

“Oh, OK.”–is pretty much how I reacted.

I’m more bothered by the fact that I feel zero sense of loss  or pain, than I’m bothered about his passing.  Shouldn’t I be feeling something?  He is my own flesh and blood.

When I lost a co-worker earlier this year, I was an emotional wreck for weeks.  Broke down crying at the drop of a hat.

When I lost a sister in Christ in July, more tears were shed.  I still grieve that loss.  I still can’t listen to Building 429’s “Where I Belong” without thinking of her and losing it.

But Grandpa?  I’m thankful he died peacefully, and I know he’s home with the Lord, but I feel nothing beyond that.  And I somehow feel less “Christian” for that.

Shouldn’t there be at least something stirring in me?

There was no bad blood or anything…we were just never close.  I hardly knew him and he hardly knew me.  We saw each other very infrequently, especially over the last 15 years.

But even so, he’s family…shouldn’t I feel at least a twinge?

Focus for prayer in the coming days…



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