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Doing The Christian Walk With A Funky Strut

The quiet waters

on August 24, 2013

Worship is so refreshing.  This week’s setlist is a little more chill, more reverent than typical…and oh, the feeling of release.  Yesterday’s weeds have been exterminated, the soul washed clean…

Amazing what a little bass practice can do.  Doing something that I know matters.  Building skill.  Loving God through my instrument.  Doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing.   Several authors make the case that all of us were ultimately built to worship God…and given how rejuvenated I feel when I do it, I believe that.  But I know He’s blessed me to do more.  From experience, I know that I can no longer sit on the sidelines in a corporate worship setting and feel comfortable.  Yes, I can get my praise on…but it feels weird not helping to make the joyful noise.

So I play on.

Since the songs are mostly pretty downtempo this week, decided to dust off my P-bass strung with flatwound strings.  Hoo boy, did she need an attitude adjustment.  Action was crazy high, intonation was way off.  Spent about a half hour tweaking.  Got her playable for tomorrow.  Note to self–continue work on playing harmonics, now that you’ve got some clue how to make the notes sustain and not choke.  Each time I pick up one of my “kids”, seems like I get just a little bit better…feels wonderful to be making progress in something.

Time to go rest the body, as my soul is resting.  Lord, You ARE amazing.


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