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on August 20, 2013

God is good.  All the time.

Prayer last night fruitful…He showed me that I was at least part of the problem, by expecting bad things to happen at work and by confessing those beliefs out loud.  I remember saying when I first came in, “I’m in a great mood…wonder how long that will last?  I give it 5 minutes.”  No wonder He couldn’t move…I wasn’t letting Him in!  So this morning, I really concentrated on positive confessions over everything that typically troubles me, remembering that faith isn’t based on feelings.   Those positive confessions need to come out of my mouth whether I feel positive or not.  God can’t work through negativity…complaining grieves the Holy Spirit.

Well, changing my tone worked wonders…I DID have a good day, despite several challenges thrown at me…they rolled off me like water off a duck’s back.  I sensed God’s presence sitting beside me, lifting up the shield when arrows came flying my way.  Need to continue the confessions.

And I think I’ve finally found some peace on the financial situation as well.  I don’t think it was an accident that I came across some financial teaching when I cleaned out my ‘prayer desk’ on Saturday.  It was a brochure of sorts that a friend had given me about a year ago or so.  I’d read it then and tucked it away, not doing anything with it.  This time, I took it out and set it aside to read thoroughly and pray over.  Did that last night as part of the prayer time and it revealed much.  Can all be summed up thusly:  I hadn’t given TOTAL control of my finances to Him.  Was still clinging desperately to certain goals and not allowing Him to do a thorough cleansing and humbling work.  Won’t bore with the details, but the ol’ budget is getting a final re-work to address a few priorities that had to get shifted, and I’m going to learn to do without some things for a while.

To me this was the next step past the conviction I got over the whole “doing right, getting punished” thing.  Staying aware of what Jesus went through is right for us to do, after all, He promised us that suffering would be part of this life, and we need to stay aware that nothing we go through compares to His sacrifice.  But true humility and submission pushes us past the point of suffering.  If we do right, and we don’t get our way after doing it, and us not getting our way BOTHERS us, then we’re still clinging to circumstances for happiness and not totally trusting God–and suffering is the result.  But when we can have things go “wrong”, and be totally open to that and not have it faze us at all…ah, the sweetness of that peace.   God, You got this.  *long exhale*

The stirrings in my soul felt very spiritual light-bulby, but I’ll keep this under Grass Grazin’ to keep myself in check and make sure that this truly was revelation…the coming weeks and months will tell the tale.  Plan is in place, hope to stick to it.  Enjoying the calm and quiet resolve in the meantime.  Really is like chilling out in a pasture on a sunny day…gentle breeze ruffling the grass, the air so fresh to the nose and rejuvenating to the lungs…sun warming every pore of skin…all is right with the world.

Father, thank You for Your refining work.  Thank You for not allowing me to remain in the sins of selfishness and pride.  Thank You for showing me the peace and freedom that come with abiding in Your will.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

*baaaaa*  *munch munch munch*



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