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on August 16, 2013

I seriously never realized how deep-seated a problem I had with pride until the last year or so.  I’ve never been one of those people walking ’round with my nose in the air and talking down to everyone I came across…or at least I didn’t think I was.  Seemed to get along with enough people.

But the pride’s been there.  More covert forms of it, but oh so entrenched.  Jumping in to “help” all the time because I knew people were “doing things wrong”.  Allowing judgmental, critical thoughts to escape the trap door of my mouth.  Etc.

Now God’s working on my sense of “justice”.  Specifically in the area of my finances.  Been getting good and sore about how I’ve been doing the right thing…tithing…blessing others as funds permit…and yet it seems like every week another squeeze is getting put on the money.  Major expenses popping up all at once, regular bills upticking–and income stagnating despite my company’s record profits this year.  I’m working through Joyce Meyer’s ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ action plan and was doing some workbook entries this morning, venting about just this situation…and I wrote “I’m doing right- and getting punished“.  Was about to ask “why???” for the gazillionth time…then my eyes lingered on those words.  And the conviction came as swift as a samurai sword.

Kinda sounds like what happened to Jesus, doesn’t it?

And I ask myself, “okay, genius, and you’re better than Jesus Christ how?”

Yep.  All the Scripture talking about suffering for His sake, and suffering to build character, and etc etc etc started bouncing around in my head.  Not to mention thinking about what He endured, after all the great things He’d done in His time on earth.  Yeah, that was fair–NOT.

Pride.  It’s ugly.  This is what it looks like, folks.  Gets people thinking they shouldn’t have to suffer on any level.  Gets one forgetting what their Savior went through.


Taking this and running with it today.  A listen to Fred Hammond’s “Keep On Praisin'” and J. Moss’ “Psalm 150” helped get me back up.

Praying I keep a decent attitude…I hear a pair of shearing clippers buzzing, waiting to zap me if I lip off again…






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