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Deep Communion moment

on August 11, 2013

Every so often at church I really get in the zone and completely tune out the world’s presence, knowing nothing but the presence of God and what He wants to speak to me.  Had such a moment today.

For the benefit of any reader stopping by who’s not from my church, here’s a description of our typical Communion service, since I know not every church does it the same.  We share Communion at every worship service.  A member of the congregation says a 2-3 minute meditation message.  Servers then pass two trays down each pew–one with the bread, and one with the “wine” (grape juice) in individual-sized cups.  We break off a piece of the bread and eat it immediately; we hold our cup until all have been served, then we drink it together as a congregation after a final word is spoken by the individual who brought the opening message.  While the trays are being passed, there’s instrumental music playing, and it gives most folks a few minutes to meditate and pray.   I do take advantage of this time and try to shut out the static in my brain and really reflect on what’s happening.  I usually achieve about 75-80% “clear signal”.  *laughs*

Today was a broadcast in HD.  I took the bread, passed the tray, picked up my cup, passed that tray, then settled into my usual head-bowed, eyes-closed meditation posture.  Found myself tilting my head back up a bit and opening my eyes.  The light hit the surface of the juice in the cup in such a way that it captured my attention.  I began to really look at it intensely.  In that moment, it really took on the character of blood to my mind and heart.  I was holding a portion of Jesus’ spilled blood.  I thought about the pain that comes from bleeding…and especially the pain that comes from bleeding profusely.  (I am a Natural Born Klutz and have had more than a few should-have-got-stitches cuts.)  I thought about how this was just a tiny part of how much suffering Jesus endured for our sakes, and just how much pain this little portion alone represented…how many of those portions I’ve consumed and claimed and used in my walk with Him!  I was moved with compassion for His suffering, and saw my own brokenness, how much I don’t deserve what He did.  “You did all that…for me???”  I was humbled.  I was so thankful.

I am humbled.  I am so thankful.  And I pray that I continue to keep my awareness throughout the week, when life throws its usual curveballs and noise at me.  Jesus asked us to remember Him…well, too often my words and actions don’t show that I remember what He did.  I’m hoping that my intense experience today translates into a better testimony of Him in my day-to-day living.


2 responses to “Deep Communion moment

  1. Stacee says:

    Like you, I have to sift through a lot of static to finally get still during those few moments of communion. Sometimes just as I’m finally making a connection, that part of the service is over and something mundane like announcements begins. I’m glad you had a moment of revelation and contemplation. I pray it is carrying you through this week.

    • shanfield94 says:

      Thanks for the comment and the prayer, it’s always encouraging to know my struggles are not unique. Have been more aware than usual, thankfully, though of course more tests came my way to see if this new level has any substance to it. Learn…test…pass…learn…test…flunk…remedial reading…re-test…LOL!

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