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on August 10, 2013

As a taster of the sort of stuff I’ll write, here’s a story that happened just this week.

The Lord has been dealing with me pretty sternly this year about my fascination with material goods.  Specifically, He’s trying to break me of what musicians call G.A.S.–Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  (hat tip to for introducing me to a term for my disease.  LOL!)  I own 3 4-string basses, but have been jonesing hardcore for a 5-string, and am saving up for a custom one.  But the savings isn’t heaping up fast enough for my taste.  So I fuss about this.

Well, God decided this week that He’s heard enough.

It started with an e-mail from our Worship Team leader about an upcoming fellowship, where he prompted us to pray about our involvement, and he posed a few ‘leading questions’.  One was ‘what is the Spirit prompting you to do as an individual?’ The very swift answer I got back as I spent time in prayer was ‘quit whinging about not having a 5-string and learn to do more with 4–you own 3 of them.’ (some other things were said as well, not relating to this story tho).

Then, I got my monthly teaching CD from Joyce Meyer Ministries (I partner with them).  Title:  “Focus On The Positive Things In Life”.  Where, of course, part of the teaching spoke on focusing on what we DO have and being GRATEFUL for it, and not focusing on what we lack.

Okay?  So that’s two instances of me being told in plain language what God wants out of me.  Pop quiz time–the test–was I paying attention?

Time to practice.  I started going through our setlist for Sunday and pulled up recordings of all the tracks to listen to/play along with.  On the VERY FIRST SONG,  I’m listening to it…and guess what the bassist is throwing down on.  A 5-string (minimum), of course.  Delicious rumbly B’s and D’s all over the place.  So I go to open my big fat yap yet again…and the Holy Spirit wasn’t about to play along.

Me: “Man, that bass line is wicked.  I sure would like…”

Holy Spirit: “SHUT IT.  You have a fretboard in your hands. USE IT!!!!”

I half smiled while wincing,  realizing I’d been SOOOOOO busted.  Because that prayer answer and that teaching IMMEDIATELY jumped to mind.  So I gritted my teeth, muttered my agreement, and set about trying to come up with something good on the 4 strings in hand.  Will continue that quest tomorrow evening, I set the song aside as a project to really dig into the particular key and get more comfortable with various intervals.

I think I finally get it now.  *laughs*  I fully admit that I don’t always respond well to gentle leading, so if it seems the Spirit was a bit harsh, it’s ’cause He had to be.  Still breaking old bad habits and response systems.  And think of it…anyone correcting a child, the correction usually starts out pretty calm and gentle, but it escalates when the child refuses to comply.  God being our Heavenly Father, He responds to us, His children, in pretty much the same way.  At least that’s been my experience.

Right.  I’m looking at the clock and realizing that I have a long day ahead tomorrow, better hit the hay…hope the read was enjoyable and informative.





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