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Egad. What have I gotten myself into?

on August 9, 2013

I will apologize in advance if this comes out looking all wonky.  I’ve not done blogging in several years and things seem to have evolved a fair bit since then!

Anyway, been feeling moved to do this for a while, to spare my poor friends from e-mail brain purges.  I often find myself experiencing off-the-wall “revelation” moments relating to my maturing as a Christian, getting better as a musician, or both…and I usually want to share them, to show how God’s moving.  But I often wonder who to share them with.   Most of my Christian friends are a lot longer along in their walk than I am (only been at this since ’08–hence the blog addy!), and probably think to themselves “you’re only just now figuring that out?!?”; and as any believer will attest, trying to explain this stuff to non-Christian friends just gets the deer-in-headlights look.  So, hey, Internet, here I come.  Maybe my mental ramblings and life foibles will reach someone who needs to be encouraged.

As I figure out how to actually do things on this site, you’ll see some bio content, artists I recommend, books I’ve been reading, and whatever else I’m led to share.  And of course those moments of clarity, no matter how bizarre the circumstances that bring them about.  In fact, the more bizarre, the better.  Real life has a way of being very dynamic and not conforming to any standard script…and lessons can come from unexpected teachers and in unconventional classrooms.  I believe in the Bible as the ultimate “rulebook”, but there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to application of those rules.  God made us all unique; we all have strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and needs that differ from one another.  We all have the same goal of being molded into Christ’s image, but each of us must travel our tailor-made path to get there.  I hope to convey some examples of how God can move and speak that get people looking at new possibilities in their own lives.

OK.  Intro complete, let’s turn this loose…


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