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2013 Books

Confession:  99% of what I read is nonfiction.  Mostly stuff to develop character and grow in discipleship and the like.  Also have a fair number of books in my collection from my days as a psychology student.   People are interesting critters.  LOL.

So.  Books I’ve finished this year:

‘Conversations with God’, Neale Donald Walsch–this one unsettled me hardcore, parts of it definitely flew in the face of everything I’d understood about Christianity.  I did take away some good material from it and will stick with that.

‘Blue Like Jazz’, Donald Miller–loved this read, he’s a “conversational writer” like me.  A good read to hand to any friends who might be questioning spirituality.

‘Whatever Happened to Worship?’, A.W. Tozer–excellent read, this dude doesn’t beat around the bush.  Will likely be a repeat read.

‘not a fan.’, Kyle Idleman–wow.  Conviction on every page.  I need to step my game up.

‘Worship On Earth As It Is In Heaven’, Rory Noland–Awesome.  To my mind, a must read for anyone who wants to get more out of their church experience, and out of their Christian walk in general.  Especially helpful as a discipleship tool for those of us leading worship.

‘7’, Jen Hatmaker–wonderful.  Great ideas for getting off the consumerist treadmill most Americans find themselves on.  I’m in the middle of a spending fast inspired by this book.

‘Daring Greatly’, Brene’ Brown–not a Christian author, but a very recommended read all the same–look past the 1 or 2 curse words peppered in and see the greater picture she’s presenting.

Will add to this list as I complete more.

10/8 UPDATE: ‘Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working”, Craig Groeschel.  Tons of useful material in this one and I’ll be giving it a re-read once I knock out some of my reading pile.  Gave me a new perspective on my finances and provision (news flash: I’M RICH!!!), had some handy dating tips, and has a great alternative to the New Year’s resolution rut, among many other things.  Looks at how our society typically handles various challenges (time, money, sex, values, relationships), then presents Godly alternatives that will yield better results.  Even if one doesn’t agree with all of his suggested alternatives, I think most would agree that “normal” DEFINITELY isn’t working!!!  So, like Craig, I choose to be Weird.  🙂


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